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"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies"

Introducing Oska Pulse

A New Way to Manage Pain

No Known Side Effects

Oska Pain Management

Oska Pulse emits a series of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields at precise frequencies to help with pain relief.


Pulsed Electromagnetic field technology

Pulsed Electromagnetic field technology
  • Same technology that is administered in doctors' offices, but is now is at home, wearable device.

  • PEMF has beem clinically proven to relieve pain for over 60 year.

  • Emits field 22" in diameter Effective even when not in direct contact with exact point of pain.

  • Works at the source of pain. Doesn't just mask the symptoms.

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Start Living with Less Pain Today

Using the same technology found in your doctor's office, Oska Pulse is portable,
wearable and affordable.

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Pain Management

Muscle Pain Psoriatic Arthritis
Joint Pain
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Pain
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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Oska Pulse?

    Oska Pulse is a medical pain relief device that works to relieve pain at the source. The device is lightweight, portable and can be worn on any part of your body where there is pain.

  • How does Oska Pulse work?

    Oska Pulse uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) to help relieve pain. Emitting a 22” diameter field, the device does not need to be directly attached to the skin but simply near the area of pain to be effective. The PEMF field travels through clothing and all types of tissue to address the source of pain at the cellular level.

    Oska is designed to be fully integrated into your lifestyle so that you can benefit from it anytime, wherever you are.

  • What is PEMF technology?

    PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is a technology widely utilized by NASA, the VA, John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, among others, for decades. PEMF has been considered an effective and non-invasive way to relieve pain for over 60 years, primarily in a clinical setting with over 10,000 clinical studies supporting its effectiveness.

    When cells become distressed from disease, trauma or toxins, they lose their ability to function efficiently. PEMF uses electromagnetic waves that pulse on precise frequencies enabling cells to recover their ability to create energy, function and reproduce.

    Oska took clinical PEMF technology and put it into an affordable, portable wearable device so people can benefit from it outside of the medical office or hospital. PEMF has no side effects and it cannot be over used.

  • Does Oska Pulse have side effects?

    No. There have never been any reported known side effects for PEMF technology or Oska Pulse. Some people may feel a warming sensation near the device, but that is due to increased blood flow from PEMF.

Oska Pulse works at the source of pain instead of just masking symptoms.

If you're like millions of others in pain, you've tried almost everything to feel better. Now it's time to try non-drug pain relief from Oska Pulse.

Oska Pulse

  • Works at the source of pain
  • One-time cost
  • Non-invasive - no skin contact needed
  • No known side effects
  • Lightweight and portable for on-the-go


  • Only masks the symptoms of pain
  • Ongoing cost of purchasing electrodes
  • Must be in contact with skin
  • May cause irritation at application site
  • Difficult to wear throughout the day
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I am an advocate and fan of PEMF, and Oska Pulse is an effective non-drug, non-invasive pain relief option.

Dr. Kathy E. Davis, PhD, MSN, RN
Clinical Assistant Professor Georgia Baptist College of Nursing / Mercer University, Atlanta, GA

At least 70% of my patients who used Oska Pulse, across a variety of pain profiles, found relief. This is a real non-drug pain relief solution.

Dr. Joseph Shurman
Chairman of Pain Management and Co-Chair Palliative Care Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, CA

I truly believe that the Oska device is one of the safest and most effective treatments for pain to come along in my 25-year career as a board-certified pain management specialist.

Dr. Jonathan Kost
Medical Director, Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center Spine and Pain Institute at Midstate