PEMF, Oska Pulse and Sports Injury Prevention and Recovery

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PEMF, Oska Pulse and Sports Injury Prevention and Recovery

For active people of any age sports injuries are extremely common. The more active you are, the more likely you are to have some degree of pain and discomfort that can limit the frequency, intensity or duration of training or exercise.

The same is true as we age – only a lucky few are as resilient in their forties, fifties and beyond as they were in their twenties and thirties! Regardless of age, fitness, or skill level if injuries are not treated effectively, you face long periods on the sidelines.

And when chronic pain strikes, it is important to consider all available options to effectively reduce pain and inflammation, and improve joint and muscle mobility.

While most professional athletes can safely push through minor injury and discomfort, for recreational and semi-professional sports enthusiasts the luxury of access to specialists and doctors and highly dedicated equipment is limited.

Oska Pulse has changed this.

Affordable, effective technology for injury recovery and prevention – and the effective treatment of chronic pain – is now available for home use.

And professional athletes are taking note too with many incorporating the use of Oska Pulse into their own routines to gain an edge over the competition.

One example is Oska Pulse PEMF inhibits Cox II receptors to give an analgesic effect. The PEMF therapy increases the release of Serotonin and Dopamine hormones, which relieve the injury and pain related stress and anxiety to give an holistic wellness effect.

Oska Pulse relieves all types of pain and will speed recovery from a wide range of Sports Injuries including:

PEMF, as it is known in sports medicine circles, is the power behind Oska Pulse; a portable, wearable device that targets the four key tissue types to reduce pain at its source and speed the body’s natural recovery at a cellular level.

PEMF is a widely utilized technology with successful clinical uses across a wide spectrum of tissue regeneration applications from bone growth right through to chronic pain management.

The technology has been clinically deployed for over 60 years and its efficacy is established in over 10,000 clinical studies.

Before Oska Pulse, PEMF machines were large and bulky – often confined to stationary use in doctor surgeries and clinical settings.

With Oska Pulse, you can effectively treat all types of pain – from minor to chronic – and rehabilitate injuries on-the-go. It’s small and light, about the same size as a mobile phone. This means you can easily take it with you wherever you train - carry it in your pocket, your bag or strap it to your waist, chest, arm or leg.

Oska Pulse works by emitting a continuous pulsing field that passes through all tissue types. Imagine a pebble being thrown into a lake – small waves radiate from the centre until they disappear into the distance.

Similarly, small electromagnetic waves produced by Oska Pulse travel to the injury site to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase circulation and mobility improvement to soothe, relieve and assist your body in its natural regeneration and healing processes.

In most cases attempting to push through injury before it is properly healed will likely cause further damage and delay full recovery even longer.

Oska Pulse presents a new way for sports enthusiasts – from the recreational right through to the professional– to keep your body at its peak, pain-free.

It can be used in compliment with existing routines or as a stand-alone therapy and is suitable for use with all major types of muscle, joint and tissue complaints including back, neck, shoulder, knee and elbow sprain, strain and pain.

Add Oska Pulse to your training and exercise recovery routine and gain the edge you have been seeking – and when injury strikes get back into the action faster.

As any health profession would recommend, prevention is far better than any cure.

By talking all available precautions during any physical activity, you can limit both the onset and severity of injury occurrences. Many ways to reduce risk of injury during physical activity are common sense. Warm up and cool down. Wear appropriate footwear and safety equipment. Eat and sleep well. Don’t exert yourself beyond your current fitness level.

Now you can add Oska Pulse to this list.

Oska Pulse is fast becoming a key part of the sports enthusiasts’ kit bag worldwide. For more serious athletes Oska Pulse has become as commonplace as foam rollers, icepacks and compression gear in post-training routines and exercise recovery in many circles.

Use Oska Pulse immediately after activity to reduce pain in sore-spots and increase circulation in affected areas to promote the healing of micro tears, impact bruising and other tissue damage that may not be overtly apparent. Use Oksa Pulse regularly between physical activity sessions to keep your body at its best and continue repair and regeneration at a microscopic level.

And use Oska Pulse when you actually train or exercise to keep pain at bay improve mobility in stiff areas while you strive to reach your goals.

Drug-free with no side-effects Oska Pulse is the solution many have been searching for to gain an edge in training, injury prevention and recovery and pain management.

Unlike traditional approaches to sports medicine including ongoing use of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, ineffective gels, patches and lotions – and even surgical procedures – Oska Pulse presents a clinically proven, non-invasive option to treat a wide range of sports injuries and effectively manage chronic pain.

And it comes strongly recommended from well-respected sources.

Since launch in India, Oska Pulse has achieved a high standing within the Indian medical community in a relatively short time.

With use in practices across the nation, it is strongly endorsed by The Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

Oska Pulse gives athletes of any ability the power to improve mobility and reduce inflammation and overcome even chronic pain levels with ease of use and the convenience of in-home self-administration.

Try this cutting edge technology for yourself today – and get back into action whenever pain or injury threatens to strike you down.

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