Who We Are

We believe that people suffering from pain should have affordable access to relief without the known side effects of medication. Oska is committed to developing technology-driven health and wellness products that assist individuals in living more active lives with less pain.

About Us

Our Story

PEMF technology has existed for more than 60 years and has been clinically proven in over 10,000 studies to be effective. Typically used in clinical settings, our engineers, researchers and scientists uncovered an opportunity to miniaturize the technology and create a portable, wearable and shareable device. Developed in Australia and designed and manufactured in the United States, the Oska Pulse was born.

Who Is Oska?

Our name honors a koala who was badly burned in an Australian bushfire. He was not responding to medication and was crying in pain. The vet's friend suggested they place a PEMF device near the koala to help reduce the pain. Within a day he stopped crying, and in just a few days he started responding to treatment. He was released into the bush a few months later. The vet called him "Oscar" and we chose "Oska" because Americans and Australians say it the same way!


100% Drug Free | Doctor Recommended