Oska Pulse is suitable for use on all major types of muscle and tissue pain

OSKA PULSE introduction

Oska Pulse is a non-drug solution for pain management. This product has been designed using PEMF technology, which is clinically validated to reduce pain, reduce swelling and increase circulation. Oska Pulse is a one-button device that is easy to use and is a non-invasive approach to reduce pain in the body.

  • Easy to use

  • Portable

  • No gels or Electrodes

OSKA PULSE introduction

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is a widely utilized technology with successful clinical uses across a broad spectrum of tissue regeneration applications from bone growth to pain management. PEMF devices create pulsed electromagnetic fields at a precise frequency and wave shape to stimulate cellular metabolic function and recovery. PEMF technology has been clinically deployed for over 60 years and its efficacy is established in thousands of clinical studies (ref: PubMed).

How It Works

When cells are distressed from disease, trauma, starvation or toxins, their metabolic productivity is degraded. PEMF aids in the restoration of the electrical potential across the cellular and mitochondrial membrane, restoring metabolic productivity and ultimately tissue recovery.

  • Nutrients


  • Nutrients


  • Nutrients

    Energy & Function

  • Nutrients

    Healthy Cell

  • Nutrients

    Distressed Cell

  • Nutrients

    Restored Cell

Safe & Effective Approach

Clinical studies confirm, PEMF therapy has no known side effects and is considered a safe and effective approach to pain management without the use of drugs. The FDA recognizes that through a series of PEMF frequencies optimized for distinct tissue types, Oska Pulse

  • Relieve Pain
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Improve Mobility


Clinical studies confirm, PEMF therapy has no known side effects and is considered a safe and effective approach to pain management without the use of drugs. The FDA recognizes that through a series of PEMF frequencies optimized for distinct tissue types, Oska Pulse

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Knee
  • Muscle
  • Joint
  • Chronic

How Is Oska Pulse Used?

Oska Pulse does not need to make direct contact with your skin or even be on your body. The field has a diameter of 22”, so Oska Pulse can be positioned near the area of pain and still be effective. Within 8-10” of the pain is optimal. Oska Pulse offers the flexibility of treatment as you go about your daily activities. Use it at home, on-the-go or in partnership with your doctor.

It can be placed in your pocket or purse depending on where you need pain relief. With the included compression wrap, Oska Pulse can also be worn over or under clothing around the leg, arm or waist. Oska Pulse is powered by a rechargeable battery, just like your cell phone, that is simply charged using the included cable. A full charge takes just 3 hours and will then last for approximately 20 hours of use.


Oska Pulse Patent Pending
Therapy Cycle

Much of the pain we experience is a result of tissue inflammation. When tissue is distressed from pathogens, trauma, rupture, toxins, temperature or other damage, the body's inflammatory response results in swelling, heat, redness, pain and reduction in function. Oska Pulse operates in 3-hour sessions aimed at four precise protocols using PEMF frequencies to target key cell types designed to accelerate the resolution of the tissue's inflammatory response. These Oska Pulse protocols improve micro-circulation, degrade pain signals and stimulate tissue recovery.

  • Repairs Capillaries
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Increases Bone Recover
  • Reduces Pain Signal

What is PEMF Therapy?

Low intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy mimics the Earth's natural magnetic field Many people do not realize that we need the earth's magnetic field to survive. PEMF therapy was introduced by NASA when they found out that taking astronauts away from the Earth's magnetic fields was a key factor to ill health when in space. The magnetic fields are strongest at the earth's poles and get increasingly weaker towards the equator and with the addition of modern infrastructure cancelling out the beneficial properties of the magnetic fields; it is no surprise that we would need to regularly top up our magnetic therapy.

As mentioned, NASA uses PEMF therapy in their space stations to maintain the health of the astronauts In space there are no magnetic fields and without gravity it is hard for astronauts to exercise properly this leads to bone weakness and muscle wastage Progressive muscle wastage leads to weakness and fatigue, boric loss causes an increased risk of bone fracture and kidney stones. NASA explains that PEMF is a non-invasive countermeasure to enhance bone retention, prevent or alleviate muscle wastage, augment natural healing and regeneration processes.

There is currently a lot in the news and media about negative Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from the ever' increasing wireless technologies such as mobile phones, laptop computers and microwaves, etc. PEMF therapy can be used to reverse those negative effects on our bodies that are caused by negative EMF. EMF causes our bodies' cells to stick together and has been linked with cancer and being an influencing factor of many illnesses. The positive effect of PEMF has been shown to reverse these effects and allows the cells in our bodies to move freely, enable the body to produce healthy cells, and increase oxygen distribution around the body. Our PEMF therapy systems are all part of the modernisation and evolution into our new surroundings. We need a healthy body and for a healthy body we need good circulation, cell regeneration and an immune system to defend against disease PEMF therapy boosts our ability to naturally repair our bodies and regenerate our essential antibodies to prevent illness and fight disease or the issues that cause pain. It is a modern way to replenish the natural magnetic therapy that we are deprived of due to modernisation. One quick boost of PEMF therapy introduces pulsed electromagnets in a non-invasive, painless and risk free treatment; you will feel the benefits right away in your health, wellbeing and mood.
PEMF therapy everyday can prove to have huge benefits to our health and wellbeing and stop pain in its tracks. In this day and age we shouldn't need to live with pain or illness, so let's boost ourselves back with a proven therapy, through thousands of studies. Need reassurance? Please look at the reference page at the back of this leaflet or our case studies available on our website.

How does PEMF Therapy Work?

The PEMF therapy devices bring U.S and Germany technology to the India and offers PEMF therapy that aid the regeneration and energy output of the body's cells which leads to a better performing body and improves recovery time after injury or disease . The PEMF therapy system have a wide range of applications and can help with a variety of disorders. disease , conditions or injury's because the therapy targets the body at a circulatory and cellular level rather that specific issues. How PEMF therapy works; from the beginning PEMF therapy is applied by running an electrical current through a copper coil which creates a magnetic field, this can be integrated into many different styles of devices, depending on what an individual is treating or using the device to support The electromagnetic field can produce a current in any conductive substance and can transfer the charge into the body A pulsed electromagnetic field is able to penetrate deep into the body's tissues and target individual cells.

PEMF therapy works by stimulating blood circulation and increasing cell metabolism The human body consists of many billions of cells Each particular cell represents a small component of the entire body, it has the task of using nutrients from the food we consume and oxygen we breathe to fuel the body and afterwards to excrete the waste, carbon dioxide and water. In this metabolic process adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is gained The cell membrane has an electrical surface tension of approximately -70 to -90 mV If it falls below this, protein channels in the cell membrane are closed blockingnutnents from entering the cell and waste products from leaving. This impacts on daily bodily functions, and has an adverse effect on general wellbeing, slows recovery time and makes an individual more susceptible to disease and disorder. With the use of very low intensity pulsating magnetic fields, within the Microtesia (yl') range, it can be used to stimulate the cells. These magnetic fields work like many small batteries, which provide the necessary surface tension in order for the cells to once again open up their protein channels Now the vicious circle is interrupted and all the factors are present to once again ensure optimal cell activity. The main principle of PEMF therapy devices are that they maintain all the body's cell membrane electrical surface tension. The cell membrane has an electrical surface tension of approximately 70 to 90 millivolts and if the tension drops below 70 millivolts then the cell does not perform very well, by having a slow metabolism rate and a low energy output.

The PEMF revives the millivolts back up to 90 millivolts By maintaining the cell membrane electrical surface tension it causes tissue, muscle and neuron cells to maximize their productivity by allowing nutrients to move readily into the cell and efficiently remove waste out of the cell The red blood cells performance is also Improved by maintaining the cell membrane electrical surface tension by making it easier for them to pick up and off load more oxygen molecules, which provides a better quality blood supply for the body, in turn boosting the immune system and allowing the body to heal itself quicker Improving cell function has a knock-on effect to the performance of the body as a whole by increasing the energy available for movement Or recovery