Lyme Disease and Chronic Infections

Case Studies supporting PEMF benefits for Lyme Disease and Chronic Infections

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field for Lyme Disease and Chronic Infections

Current Research on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) has become a popular ther-apy for many chronic disorders. PEMF accesses biological system through electromagnetic frequencies, which is totally different from conventional chemistry-based methodology. This article is trying to review recent clinical and laboratory research on PEMF and discuss its clinical application and its potential to treat Lyme disease and chronic infections.

PEMF delivers electromagnetic signals to the body stimulating cellular functions. It has been commonly used in the field of or-thopedics for the treatment of non-union fractures and failed fusions [1-4]. Laboratory research indicated that PEMF suppresses bone loss [5] through promoting TGF-beta1 and inhibiting IL-6 [6], promoting tissue regeneration [7], enhancing early cell pro-liferation in osteogenesis [8], and signaling osteogenic differenti-ation and mineralization [9]. PEMF has also been reported to help osteoarthritis [10] and proposed to be a viable alternative therapy for the disease [11]. Animal research indicated that PEMF had significant efficacy in reducing cartilage damage for osteoarthritis [12], helped healing of the cartilage defect [13], and had positive effect on viability of human chondrocytes in vitro [14].

In addition to its effect on orthopedics, PEMF has also been re-ported to accelerate wound healing for both animal [15, 16] and human [17], and regenerate nerve tissue [18-20]. It helps to reduce post operational pain [21, 22], chronic musculoskeletal pain [23], pain from carpal tunnel syndrome [24] and diabetic poly-neuropathy [19]. It may improve function, pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia [25], help patients with treatment-resistant de-pression [26], and reduce symptoms from multiple sclerosis [27]. The possible mechanisms for tissue regeneration and pain man-agement has been suggested as provoking a decrease in the pro-duction of inflammatory-type cytokines (IL-1 beta and TNF-alpha) and an increase in cytokines of lymphocytic origin (IL-10) [28].

Because of its safe nature, PEMF has a long history of clinical practice. The most controversial figure in PEMF practice is an American named Royal Rife. He believed that each microorgan-ism has its own Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). In early 1930s he published his research and claimed that his Rife Machine, a PEMF device, destroyed microbial with specific electromagnetic frequencies and helped various cancer patients through inactivating the pathogenic virus called BX factor [29]. Although up till now Rife’s research has not been reproduced, some recent publications have suggested that Rife’s claim may not be entirely impossible. Food industry uses pulsed-electric field to control microbial growth and preserve apple juice [30-32], grape juice [33], wine [34], milk [35] and beer [36]. It suggests that pulsed-electric field inactivate yeast and bacteria including Lactobacillus diolivorans [31], Pediococcus parvulus [31], Salmonella enterica [32], Bacillus cereus [35], Dekkera anomala, Dekkera bruxellen- sis, Lactobacilus hilgardii, Lactobacillus plantarum [34], Kloeck-era apiculata, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Gluconobacter oxydans [33]. Although the frequency, intensity and delivery method of the treatment in food industry is different from those used by Rife, the nature of the treatment, pulsed electromagnetic field, remains the same. It is likely to develop therapeutic devices to resolve bacteria, virus, yeast and parasite infections in the human body. Most cancer research using PEMF have been done using cancer cell lines. It suggests that PEMF induce apoptosis of melanoma [37], colon carcinoma [38], liver cancer [39] and ovarian carcinoma cell lines [40]. Although the mechanism suggested by above cancer research is different from what Rife proposed, it is still promising to see positive response from cancer cell line research with PEMF. More clinical research is needed to explore this area.

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