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Electrical Stimulation: A Novel Tool for Tissue Engineering

New advances in tissue engineering are being made through the application of different types of electrical stimuli to influence cell proliferation and differentiation. Developments made in the last decade have allowed us to improve the structure and functionality of tissue-engineered products through the use of growth factors, hormones, drugs, physical stimuli, bioreactor use, and two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) artificial extracellular matrices (with various material properties and topography). Another potential type of stimulus is electricity, which is important in the physiology and development of the majority of all human tissues. Despite its great potential, its role in tissue regeneration and its ability to influence cell migration, orientation, proliferation, and differentiation has rarely been considered in tissue engineering. This review highlights the importance of endogenous electrical stimulation, gathering the current knowledge on its natural occurrence and role in vivo, discussing the novel methods of delivering this stimulus and examining its cellular and tissue level effects, while evaluating how the technique could benefit the tissue engineering discipline in the future.

Case Study Reference Source:

  • 1. Electrical Stimulation: A Novel Tool for Tissue Engineering
    (Authors: Richard Balint, B.Sc., M.Sc., Nigel J. Cassidy, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D. and Sarah H. Cartmell, B.Eng. (Hons), Ph.D.)