90-Minute Oska Pulse

Safe and Effective Pain Relief

Start your pain relief journey today! With Oska Pulse. This is a non-drug solution to pain relief that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and improve mobility.

The Oska Pulse 90 minute PEMF device is designed to speed recovery from injury and degenerative conditions with programs of 3 x 30 mins in duration. The treatment protocols used encourage cellular regeneration; thus not only speeding recovery but also reducing the associated pain. Delivered to the site of the area being treated, the Sequential Treatment Program (STP) used by Oska Pulse, contains four programs recognised for their efficacy. 1) Angio - corresponds to the first phase of biological repair. 2) Chondro – is the process by which cartilage is developed and is the second phase of biological repair. 3) Osseus – relates to the third ‘remodelling’ phase of biological repair designed to speed the repair of bone fractures, non-union issues and to improve bone density. 4) Analgesia – while long term pain relief is affected through recovery this cycle is the signal to assist in relief of pain by dealing with the effects of pain (NOT by blocking it as is the case with a TENS Unit).

Oska Pulse comes with:

  • Oska Pulse
  • Large Compression Wrap
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

Made in the USA